Is it legal to stay with your girlfriend in a hotel in India?

Staying in a hotel for a couple of hours to a few days can be worth an experience. People often stay in hotels when traveling to new places or even when they have to conduct important business meetings with clients. A hotel becomes part of your life for the time you stay there. It becomes your temporary home, allowing you privacy and isolation from others around you. While some book a hotel for professional reasons, others might book one to spend quality time with each other. A hotel takes up the responsibility to look after your needs and makes you feel relaxed in exchange for an hourly fee structure.

India has developed quite a long since the past 30 years. With the advent of smartphone and technology, people have developed knowledge about the world and its cultures faster than ever. Nowadays hotels can be booked easily with mobile phones without having to visit or call the authorities. Numerous hotels across India offer regular deals on family, single or dorm rooms depending on particular seasons. Even though we have had the complete liberty to stay at a hotel with or without family members, there are still restrictions that often prevent us from spending time with our near and dear ones.

Till date thousands of hotels in India have earned the reputation of serving their guests without having to involve the law in its affairs. A person does not face any problem while booking a hotel in India as long as he is with his family, his wife or his male friends. However, it has been found out that several people have lodged complaints regarding their stay at a hotel with their lover. According to the reports made by them, several hotels have denied them service and forbid them to check in when they wanted to spend quality time with their lovers. This is an issue in our country as most of the times the hotel authorities try to instill fear in the hearts of unmarried couples by involving the police in such matters.


It is important to understand that the Constitution of India has no such section that forbids unmarried couples to spend time together in a hotel. It is not our law that prevents us from loving the other, but our very old culture and tradition. We have been programmed in such a manner that imagining a relationship beyond the realms of matrimony can and is considered to be unholy or against the societal norms. However much can be discussed outside the scope of this article to understand how this is not the fault of the hotel authorities but the fault of our very own Indian system that has imbibed such practices deep in our minds.

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Sadly, to this day, not a lot of hotels permit young lovers to spend a few hours together within their premises. The world we live in today has become immensely populated and privacy can be seen as a major issue of concern in our country. Couples cannot be together in public spaces without being constantly stared at and without feeling uncomfortable throughout the little time that they get to be with each other. When such issues persist, spending time with each other in a hotel appears as a fool’s dream. In spite of showing proper identification documents and photographs, a lot of hotels deny their customers to rent a room for a couple of hours to a night at most.

Many a times reports have been filed against a number of police officials who have stepped out of their authorized duty and harassed couples who were found together during late hours of the night. This is not an issue of the past as to this day hundreds of couples are harassed on the streets, in the parks, sometimes even in college campuses. They take up the duty of ‘moral policing’ and sometimes, a couple is even arrested to have been seen roaming together in public. But one should remember that the Indian Constitution does not talk about any such law that prevents unmarried couples to stay together or roam together at any given hour of the day.

Yes, it is true that not a lot of hotels allow unmarried couples to spend time with each other in India even if it is absolutely legal. However a number of Hotel chains have opened up recently that cater to these needs of the public. One of the most popular chains is ‘Oyo rooms’ that allows its unmarried couple guests to spend as much time as they want without any complications. Guests can check in almost anytime with proper identification documents and other necessary details. As long as both the girl and the guy are 18+ years of age, these hotels will not posit any threat to the couple.

Not only do these hotels welcome unmarried couples, they serve their guests with the best available rooms under discount. The guests can also enjoy complimentary breakfast in the morning if they decide to spend a night there. Such facilities are greatly inspired and worth the praise as these hotels can also give shelter to people who are in need of help during late hours of the night. India needs to identify her real problems and secure human rights before looking after other pertaining issues of the society. If such practices are not altered, none but our future generations will suffer the most.

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