Sites like Housing 2019 : 10 Best Housing Alternatives

Sites like housing are mentioned here. Many time tenants, landlords and home buyers asks us to tell them about some best housing alternatives. so, we thought to share some best real estate sites like Housing that can be used as alternative of it. There is an old saying in Hindi-“Roti, Kapdaa aur Makaan” which means that if you have all of these three things in life, you can achieve anything you wish for and can also focus on different challenges of life. It is easy for someone who is working, to find roti and kapdaa( food and clothes), but, to find House is a bit troublesome task.

10 Best Real Estate sites like Housing

Finding a home is a very difficult task, and that too in a metro city, makes it even harder. You can hire a contractor or any middle-man to help you out, but he would charge his commission for the work. This will increase the price of the house for you. If you wish to find a property without paying anything extra, you must look out for these websites as they will help you find your dream house without paying any extra penny.

1. Magic Bricks

It is one of the best websites that helps its users find suitable and great properties online, without any commission and hidden charges. Listing a property for sale is as easy as finding a property online through this website. The best part is that they have properties from all across the country.

sites like housing

You can find properties as per location, area, nearest locations and any other particular preference, and you could find hundreds of properties as per your preference. They even call you regularly to ask for whether you have been able to find a suitable home or not.

2. 99acres

As soon as magic bricks came into the world and offered great properties online, people started searching for properties on this website. So, 99acres came into existence and is right now a big competitor of magic bricks. It is the second most used website for finding great properties online.

websites like housing

They have properties in across 25 states of India and helps its users to find, rent and sell properties online. Other than catering to real estate developers, brokers and builders, you can also buy great properties online.

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3. Makaan

Makaan in English means ‘House”. helps its users buy, rent as well as sell properties online without paying any commission or cut top dealers or middle-men. The listed properties under this website are not exclusive ones and it includes only some basic and upper level properties.

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This website does not has any luxurious flats but helps users to find standard homes for living. You should visit the properties before buying or paying the rent and see how decent the building is.

4. CommonFloor

This website helps you find properties to buy as well as sell; you even have the option of renting your property but all the properties are not available for rent. This website covers about 200 cities in India and more than 5 lakh listed properties for its users to choose from.

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This website also provides the facility of insurance as well as solving legal issues related to its properties. You can choose the best property that suits your demands from its well listed properties in different areas of the town/city.

5. Housing

It is a comparatively new website and has grown with a great speed in this market. has been able to make its way into this industry of online properties. You can choose the best property from the photos and videos of the properties listed by their owners and can choose the most suitable house that you wish to buy, or rent.

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You can also select some agents to look for the best properties for you. They aren’t spread across the whole country, but have still managed to cover major of the cities and towns.

6. NestAway

This website is one of the best websites to choose a rental property. You can get any type of room like shared rooms, private rooms as well as full homes too. Nest away literally means your nest (house) away from your original house.

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It is currently operational in only 10 metro cities of India, but still has made its place in the top 10 websites for buying or renting or selling any property. This website helps you get the best tenants for your house and also provides great deals for the owner as well as the tenant.

7. GrabHouse

The name itself suggest the purpose of the website. You can easily get great deals on different properties as per your location and any other preference. It has around 1,00,000 listed properties and so, you have a great choice to choose the best property as you desire.

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The properties are directly listed by the sellers, hence, you can be assured of no brokerage or no commission to any middle-man. The website is a little complex to use but still serves as a great source to find best properties in any given area.

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8. QuikrHomes

Quikr is famous in itself, for the trade of used and second hand product. It is also famous because of the huge number of customers that it has and hence you have a big pool to choose from. This helps you to literally get the option of all the properties of any area. You also get to see the date of the listing of that property and so you can know how old that property might be.

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A user can buy, sell as well as rent our property for free. Don’t forget to read the conditions of the landlord and save yourself from the trouble of actually going to visit the property.

9. Propertywala

This website is very popular among these best sites like housing that has a very user friendly navigation feature and not only can you see the pictures and videos of the property, but you can also look for the area and other facilities in that area. You can also claim the picture of the view that you get from your house.

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The properties listed are checked first by the website and so, this saves you from dealing with any spams or bots. The properties are secured and have a standard that would suit you well. The website directly informs you what to do next and helps you out in the dealing process.

10. IndianProperty

There are three tabs on its home page that help you to go for the thing that you want, they are Research, Explore and Assistance. The properties available for rent might be very limited, but still it has a lot of properties that constitute a great deal for buying and selling.

You can register yourself as a seller and can find great deals to sell your property. It also has an option of hot-selling properties, it comprises of those properties which are being seen by a lot of individuals.

These were some of the best sites like that you can use, in order to find a suitable house for you.

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