Sites like Kayak 2019 : 10 Best Kayak Alternatives

Sites like Kayak are mentioned here. My readers often asks me to tell them about some best Kayak alternative sites. So, I thought that I must tell them about some best travel sites like First of all, we should know what Kayak. It is that what it can do, especially the favors it can provide to the people who are using it. So, let’s start with that. Basically, Kayak is a meta-search engine base on travelling. Even it is a platform that provides portals to book your flight tickets, your holiday packages with exciting schemes. It also helps you to get an idea of your fare before travelling. Yes, it is a fare aggregator too. There are a lot of things that Kayak website can do, the website is famous for its service and user counts and has a reputable position among people. Even one can book their hotel rooms at affordable prices, with amazing facilities, before reaching their destination. We too know that this is the thing we want. Everybody feels fatigued after travelling and then searching for a good hotel at your price is just a more burden added to the previous one, and it totally spoils your mood while a holiday too. But sometimes, the good hotels are already booked, so you can’t even get a room in it. So, why don’t we just use these types of hotel booking sites and get much exciting and relaxing offers at affordable prices, which we don’t even get through bargaining? Just book your tickets at your home, office or anywhere. All you need is the internet, and then book flight tickets, bus tickets or your holiday packages in advance. Let’s discuss some other websites which are similar to Kayak and even well competing in this field on them you find much more relaxing offers.

10 Best Travel Sites like Kayak

Here are some best travel sites like Kayak. So, we are now going too discuss some of the best websites just as similar to Kayak, and they are as follows:

1. Expedia

Expedia is one of the fastest growing online travel portals in Asia, offering travellers an extensive selection of hotels, activities and travel services to meet every budget and activities of every kind at competitive rates.

sites like Kayak

With over hundreds of thousands of hotel partners worldwide and a comprehensive offering of flight inventory made available on the website, travellers can book everything they need for a holiday – rooms to meet every budget, activities of every kind and travel services to complement.

2. Airbnb

Airbnb is the largest online hotel booking service provider in India. It has various branches linked with a variety of hotels and provides awesome deals which the customer can’t refuse and they just got stuck to it.

Best travel sites

3. Yatra

The name itself suggests the meaning is journey, this website turns out to be a very good companion of tourists as it shows the pros and cons of the city or place you want to visit, only by searching that place at search engine.

Best travel websites

You can get the information of what’s the culture over there, food, places to visit, how to visit there and most importantly the travel expenditure.

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4. Go Ibibo

The company is a subsidiary of MakeMyTrip Limited. Go ibibo is another one of the famous travel aggregator websites, who tells us how much money is going to be spent at the desired place we want to visit.

travel websites

As Indians are always very conscious of their budget problems, it is very important for them.

5. Make My Trip is the most popular Indian online travel agency that offers services from flight tickets, hotel reservations and packages for your holiday vacations with exciting breathtaking deals.

websites like Kayak

This service helps hotels to stand out among their competitors.

6. Booking is a website that tells the aggregate fare price for your travel to the particular destination by means of air, water or road.

travel sites

The website is owned and operated by Booking Holdings Company.

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7. Oyo Rooms, founded in 2013. The full form of OYO is on your own. OYO rooms are becoming more and more diverse nowadays, some years earlier people don’t even know its name and now almost 60% of hotels provide OYO service.

best kayak alternative sites

They have separate and unique facilities including free high-speed Wi-Fi, cleanliness, etc. The speed with which this new site is spreading its network is truly amazing.

8. Agoda

Being one of the best travel search engines for finding and booking accommodation, hotels online in India, Agoda is the one, who provides a genuine 24×7 service for their customers.

sites similar to kayak

Another company holds and runs this website Agoda. This service is the most convenient, cost-effective and requires minimal time.

9. Hotels is part of Expedia and the website used for booking hotel rooms online. Where Expedia focuses on various travel methods of ticket bookings.

websites similar to kayak

This website only focuses on the online hotel booking and this made it special from others in that way.

10. Clear Trip also is another travel aggregator website in India that offer a variety of services like online flight booking and online hotel reservations in India.

other sites like Kayak

The rise in technology and the internet has also open gates for hotel industries.

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