What are the best flight booking hacks of 2019?

Booking your flight tickets might be one of the biggest deals that a person may go through, in his life. You don’t ever know when is the best time to buy a ticket, am i paying more than what I should pay, is this flight worth this amount, will this airline give me a comfortable flight, these are some of the questions that haunt us while booking our flight tickets.

10 Best Flight Booking Hacks

There are many things that you must know about booking your flight, which might help you in answering some of the questions above. There are many ways in which you can book your flight without paying any unnecessary amount as well as be sure of a comfortable and fun journey. Some of the best 10 hacks that might help you in this are listed below.

1. Book your tickets about 45 days before your trip

Usually, the flight tickets for any flight are open for booking before 2-3 months. Now, it is fully up to you regarding when to book your flight tickets. If you know that you will have to go to some place at this time, then its better to wait and book your tickets just before 45-48 days of the flight date.

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During this time duration, there are high chances that you might get the cheapest rates for the flight tickets. This conclusion was derived from an online search engine CheapAir by its million bookings over an year.

2. Buy your ticket from different location and currency

The prices for a flight ticket may vary from country to country. So, you can fudge your location as booking from a country which has lower standard of living would help you to get lower prices on International tickets. The main thing is to convince the airline that you are actually buying the ticket from the other country.

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You can easily mask up your IP address to show that you live there and then you could easily book your tickets in the currency of that country.

3. Flight on Tuesdays, Wednesdays & Saturdays

There are 2 days which are the most famous for flying- Sundays and Fridays. These are the two most busy days on which the flights of any airline operates. Rather, it has been observed for the last one year, that you can get lower priced tickets on the days of flight on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Saturdays.


This can be very fruitful for you if you are willing to fly in weekdays. This happens because airlines cannot afford to have empty seats on their flights as this would constitute to huge losses for them.

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4. Don’t fly in peak-hours

You might have hear this or more so, experienced yourself, that flying in the non-working hours educes the prices to about half, which is a very great deal. Flying in the office hours of 10 am to 8 pm will cost you a lot for the prices.

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Rather, you should try opting for the flights of time of about 5-7 am and after 9 pm. This is the best time for taking any flight as the prices would be comparatively half of the peak hour flights.

5. Always prefer choosing the same Airline

This tip is for frequent flyers. If you continue to book flights with one airline only, then it might feel costly for once, but will definitely pay-off in the long run. If you have flown million of miles with the same airline, they would go to any extent to help you.

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You might also get some discounts while booking a flight or some coupons too. Also, in case of any cancelling of flights, you would be provided with a set in any different flight without any additional cost.

6. Always have the cancelling option

It would increase the price of your ticket, but would be a very beneficial thing for you at the time of actual date of flight. There is an option of cancelling your flight before 24 hours of the flight time and this would not even charge you any single penny.

This facility is only available if you click on the option of having cancelling option. This would have a charge of about 20% of the ticket price but is worth it if in case of any problems.

7. Check only the Airline’s own website

You may check some websites that might help you compare the prices of different flights of different airlines, but once you’re done, you must go to the official website of the airline and book your ticket from there itself. This saves you from a lot of extra charges in the name of fee as well as convenience charges.

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This helps you to not to pay anything extra, other than the price of the ticket. Many websites charge some commission for booking tickets from their website and might not get you the real price of the flight ticket.

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8. If your luggage is small, you can gate check it for free

It would be better if rather than mugging up all of your clothes and books in a big suitcase, you prepare a luggage of a small bag and some necessary items only. This would help you in saving a whole bag’s space and also reduce some amount from your gate pass and ticket.

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Since you are carrying only one luggage and that too in the gate pass, you save a lot of space too and hence, save some amount off your flight ticket too.

9. Buying multiple tickets is expensive

It might seem more efficient to book all of your tickets for your trip and connecting flights from the same airline, but, eventually, you get higher prices for a connecting flight from the same airline. Better option would be to rather wait for some time and then book your ticket after a few days or hours and by this, you might be able to save a whole lot of amount too.

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Buying multiple tickets from the same source increases the cache and hence increases the prices of the tickets that you would book further.

10. Credit cards cover travel insurance and bag fees

It would be beneficial for you to buy a credit card of that company that offers great discounts on booking flight tickets of your favorite airline. This can save you some amount from every flight ticket that you might book in future too.

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Many credit card companies automatically offer travel insurance and hence, help you to not to select the insurance option on the ticket and save further some more amount on your ticket.

These were some of the best hacks which could help you book any flight ticket at a lower price. All of these tips are practical and people have been using these hacks since decades and have had a great experience without paying anything extra.

I hope that this article would help you a lot to book your tickets at a lower price in future and have a great travelling experience.

Thank You!

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