What should I expect on my first flight?

What should I expect on my first flight?: Are you flying for the first time? Your first flight would be the best experience that you could ever have in your life. This is something that everyone must experience in his/ her lifetime. But, along with excitement for your first flight , also comes a bunch of questions about what to do and how to act on your first flight. So, here is a list of some of the things that you should keep in mind while traveling by flight for the first time.

1. Prepare your Paperwork

The most important thing for your first flight would be to prepare all your paperwork in advance. Now-a-days you can also get a web check-in right at the airport without any paperwork too, but earlier you were supposed to do it 48 hours before your flight and were needed to bring the printout of that.

what to expect on your first flight

Also, you would not want to miss your flight in just trying to find all your documents, that where did you keep them in your luggage. Rather, you could just keep all your documents in a bag or in your hand-luggage, all at the same place.

2. Turbulence is nothing

Also, one of the things that most people and mostly elderly people are afraid of is turbulence. high turbulence is just a myth and usually, flights don’t drop for more than 10-20 feet. This much turbulence is something that you might not even feel.

first time flying alone what to do

On a sunny day, you could also keep a glass full of water in your front seat and till the time you land, you won’t find even a single drop of water spilled around. So, you need not worry about the turbulence that you might not even experience.

3. Meals on a Plane

One thing that we all expect is that how tasty and luxurious would the meal on your flight be. let me tell you that eating at least something on a long flight is just a necessity, otherwise no-one would prefer to pay so much to eat on a plane.

first time flying anxiety

The food is pre-cooked and is warmed up again just before serving. the food ain’t very healthy and neither it is great in Indian taste. So, if you’re having great expectations for your meal in your first flight, then you must reduce your expectations from that right now.

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4. Fear of Flying

Fear of flying is nothing but a thing of reluctance that most of us suffer from and won’t prefer to go out of our way and travel. fear of flying is nothing but a myth. people have been doing for more than once a month for business or travel or for any reason and still are living their life to its fullest.

first time flying scared

So, fear of flying is something that could be over-grown only if you travel for once and see it for yourself that there is nothing new and scary in that. Travelling by air is the best source for travelling and saves a lot of time too. So, you must get over your fear of flying.

5. Nothing to worry

There is nothing to worry about, while you are at the airport and not even when you are inside the aeroplane too. You will always have in-flight support and hostesses and the starts will always be there to listen to and adhere to any dispute that you have.

flying for the first time what to expect

You can call someone just at the press of a button and someone will be there within moments to listen and help you out. Also, the boarding process is very easy and there is nothing to worry about nothing after you’ve entered the airport.

6. Help is always there

There will always be someone to help you put and listen and adhere to anything that you want. There is a facility of a button just above your seat that would beep and someone would be there within moments to help you out in any manner possible.

first time flight experience

Elderly people also get a lot of help in boarding as well as with their luggage and all of these could be availed for anyone, no matter what. If you are stuck and confused about anything, you could just go and ask to any employee at the airport and help will surely be provided.

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7. Fear of getting lost at the airport

Usually, elderly people think about this and get afraid to travel by flight. After entering the airport, it is the responsibility of the airline and the airport authorities to help you to get to your flight within the specified time and help you out in any matter, whatsoever.

first time flight experience essay

If you have entered the airport, it is sure that you would exit the airport of your destination place. This fear arises in the people who have never traveled a lot in their life and are afraid of closed spaces. this fear needs to be lost as it would keep you motivated and help you feel proud of yourself.

8. A safe journey

The most important thing that you could expect while flying for the first time is a safe and happy journey. This is the duty of the airline as well as the airport authorities that you don’t lose your luggage and neither do you have any discomfort regarding your journey.

What can I expect when flying for the first time

A safe journey means that nothing happens to you, neither physically, nor mentally. And the main reason why people prefer to travel by air is that it saves a lot of time and is one of the safest way of travelling today.

9. Don’t Overschedule

You should not think a lot of when to book your cab, so that you make it to the airport with sufficient time and any other thing. You might take a lot of time from going to the airport from your residence and also, traffic might become a big hurdle for you at times.

Tips for flying for the first time

Also, it would take a little time for you to leave the airport after you land at your destination. So, if you try a lot to schedule all the things, chances are that you might end up not even doing a single thing as per your schedule.

10. Be Comfortable

One of the most important thing that you should expect is a great and comfortable journey. You are paying more than enough for travelling via air and how would you feel if your journey wasn’t even comfortable. Bad, right? So, it is one of the most important things for any airline to see that you are always comfortable and don’t face any sort of problem.

How do I survive my first plane ride

And if you encounter any discomfort, it is the duty of the airline and its employees to make sure that your issue is resolved.

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These are some of the things that you need to take care about flying for the first time and also you can expect these from the airline hostesses and stuarts. You will always have in-flight support and won’t ever get lost in any place at the airport or anywhere else. the airport security is nothing to get panicked of and get scared. These services are for our betterment, not to trouble us.

I hope that this article would have been of great help for you to plan about your first flight experience.

Thank You!

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