What are some important things to look for when booking a hotel room?

Traveling can influence and heal us in many ways. While some travel with a purpose in mind, some travel just for the sake of it. When you have to roam around a city or go out every day to learn about a new place, staying at a hotel becomes absolutely mandatory. Many people do not give much thought to staying at a place for a few days when visiting a new place is of primary concern. However trouble does come unannounced when you are least expecting it. There are some important things that you should keep in mind before checking in to any hotel to avoid unnecessary trouble and also to keep your memories pleasant while on a trip.

10 things to look for when booking a hotel room

Booking a hotel for a short stay has become easier and more interesting with the advent of online hotel booking websites. These websites not only display the best of hotels within your budget but also protect you from fraudulent elements who can ruin your traveling experience for life. Online booking is practicable but at the same time you should not trust anyone blindly based on what they offer. This article will help you stay smart as you will find 10 important things to look for before you book a hotel.

1. Location

You certainly will not want to stay at a place so remote that reaching a destination costs you a fortune and a lot of your time. Be aware of the place where your hotel is centered so that you can avail any kind of help when you are in trouble.


Staying at a hotel which is commutable by bus, train or any other form of vehicle is advisable. Also, do not forget to look for the local police station or dispensary in case you need any help.

2. Reviews

Many online hotel booking websites post pictures to grab the attention of their customers. My advice to you would be not to trust those pictures blindly as they can prove to be truly deceptive when you arrive at your hotel.


The best way to learn about your hotel is to read reviews from past customers who had spent a significant time before. Reading reviews might not fully satisfy you but is certainly better than being not prepared for a new experience at all.

3. Room amenities

Double check what you are signing up for before you pay the Receptionist. If the hotel has promised you bed warmer or a mini cooler, make sure your room has those before you check in.

Room amenities

Many hotels advertise about their amenities to attract customers but fail to fulfill them when time comes. It is better to be safe than to be sorry later.

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4. Hotel amenities

A lot of things count as hotel amenities including early check in, swimming pool, parking facility, etc. If you need such services then you better check for them before hand as the hotel owners will not be held responsible for lacking these services once you sign in.

Hotel amenities

You should also check for the availability of doctors in case of any emergency.

5. Cleanliness

Cleanliness should be on of your primary concerns before you check in to any hotel at any given point of time. Returning to a clean and fresh atmosphere after a tiring day feels good to the mind and soul.


You should definitely question room service if there is any negligence on their behalf.

6. Shuttle

It is better if your hotel has car rental service as it will save a lot of your expenses while you are traveling. Shuttle service from the hotel means you are saved from the chances of being cheated by other car rental services outside.


Moreover you will be in safe and secure hands if you are traveling with family.

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7. Complimentary Breakfast

There is nothing sweeter about a hotel that offers you complimentary breakfast every morning. The early morning meal is essential to keep you active throughout the day and can also be expensive for your budget if you have to eat your breakfast from a place outside your hotel.


Many hotels offer complimentary breakfast to their customers which you can avail to save a considerable amount from your budget.

8. Compare

Do not forget to tally different websites to check out the variation in prices in one location. Comparing hotels will give you an overview of the average cost per night that any said hotel charges you for your stay with them.


It is expected that a guest would ask questions if they have any queries. Ask for a rebate if needed or any special discount after a moderately long stay.

9. Check In and Out

Most hotels have different timings when it comes to checking in or out. Be aware of the correct timings regarding such issues as any irregularity may cost you extra charges for which you may have to face problems.

check in

You can either check the official website of the hotel for timings or call the Reception to gather details about their rules. Some hotels also allow you early check-in facility which can save your energy after prolonged hours of traveling.

10. Tips and Extra Fees

This is undoubtedly one of the most common problems that guests have to face all over the world when they check in to some hotel. A lot of hotels charge you hidden fees which will leave you scratching your head for hours.


Also staffs have a bad reputation of asking for tips every now and then for the services they are bound to offer once you check in. Be aware of such obligations if possible and try to stay away from such hotels in future.

These are some of the tips that you can keep in mind before thinking of booking a hotel in the future. Thank you!

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